Keynote Speaker

Widely known as a transformational speaker and trainer of personal change, Adebola Famoroti brings to bare a wide range of inconspicuous issues that’s causes a drastic change in one’s personal career.

You can’t have a conversation with her and not be inspired and transformed, because her words are always filled with wisdom.

She is able to educate on diverse areas such as personal development, self-discipline, self-awareness, self-discovery, personal leadership, career repositioning, career transitioning, entrepreneurship, employee – employer relationship strategies.

Her ability to use her personal experience with good customer relationship to impact her audience is alluring.

Either in a one-on-one coaching, or a formal training on a key subject matter within her expertise, she is able to deliver excellently well, providing deep and fresh insights on life issues.

Adebola is able to captivate her audience with her deep flow of wisdom, providing a strong narrative and a call to action for a positive change.

As is required in conferencing, she also has the requisite technical skills to handle modern technology to aid the delivery of her presentation, whilst keeping the attention of her audience.

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