No successful individual thrives on the arms of mediocrity. To excel in any sphere of life, you must disengage the status quo, apply certain principles and set new standards.

It’s on this premise that excellence is born, but not without the help of a successful coach who knows the way, goes the way and is willing to show you the way.

Due to her love for impact, Adebola is one dogged personality who rubs off her positive influence on you just at a stance.

This is because, from the shackles of inferiority complex and low self-esteem, she has gained freedom to express herself and impact her world.

Through her charming persona, she has successfully built relationships with high net-worth individuals without difficulty and in turn, amassed gains for her business and career.

She has mastered the art of effective customer relationship, which has led people to pay for products and services without much advertisment and persuasion, and her students have replicated the same.

She will hold you by the hand and help you become a successful entrepreneur seamlessly through customer relationship.

And the end of her coaching sessions, you cannot remain the same, because she’ll cause a paradigm shift through her DICT (Detoxifying, Idea building, Clienting and Transition) – a career transitioning course that will move you from where you are to where you want to be in life.

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Group Coaching

Many people are afraid of doing what they love, but they spend most of their time doing what they don’t love.

“If you’re not doing what you love, you’re wasting your time” – Billy Joel.

Some years ago, I found myself in the same scenario. I was scared that I wouldn’t be successful doing what I loved. It was fear of failure, fear of financial insecurity, and fear of taking responsibility.

I didn’t know that almost all world-class entrepreneurs had gone through that phase and it was part of the process.

I went through that phase, lacking confidence in myself. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be successful. I felt people would laugh at me. I was afraid I won’t be able to get the kind of life I got with my paid job.

But, I took a bold step and went into being an entrepreneur, having cultivated an entrepreneurial mindset whilst at my job.

Today, I have built a successful business and I am showing many people how to do same.

Learning is more fun when you do it in groups, especially in a group of individuals who have like minds with you.

If you’re in the phase I was in some years ago, you should attend my group coaching session where I’ll show you how to overcome your imposter syndrome and do what you love, making money out of it.

You can transition from an employee into a successful business owner in less than 3 months.

Let me show you how!

Techniques Deployed

Depending on the particular area of need identified, sessions will include the use of DICT (Detoxifying, Idea building, Clienting and Transitioning)


Idea building



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